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What Tech Do We Buy?

Sell My iPhone
Sell My Samsung Galaxy

 Discover the value of your unused tech.

At Clever Buyback, we understand the value in your outdated or unused electronics. Our easy to use buyback program allows you to trade-in a variety of devices with varying conditions and specs, enabling you to easily trade in any of your tech for cash.

Discover the range of electronics we buy below!


Accepted Brands:

Apple, Samsung, Google, OnePlus and more.

Accepted Models:

iPhone 8 and newer, Galaxy S9 and newer, Pixel 3 and newer, etc.

Conditions Accepted:

Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, or Damaged.

Cash for Galaxy
How to sell my iphone?

Accepted Brands:

Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.

Accepted Models:

To view the full list of models accepted you can click here.

Conditions Accepted:

Excellent, Good, Average, Fair or Damaged.


Selling my tablet, iPad


Apple watch series for trade-in
How to sell my galaxy watch

Accepted Brands:

Apple, Samsung, Google and more.

Accepted Models:

Apple Watch 4 and newer, Galaxy Watch 4 and newer, Pixel Watch and newer, etc.

Conditions Accepted:

Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, or Damaged.

You can also trade-in your damaged electronics!

Don't let a cracked screen or bad battery stop you! We're interested in purchasing your smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc. even if they're damaged. We pay TOP dollar for any damaged device!

We buy the following:

Cualquier dispositivo
Cualquier condición
Cualquier operador

Bad Battery

Water Damage

Functional Issues

Why Sell Your Damaged Tech to Us?

No Hassle: We make selling damaged devices as easy as any other device.

Value for Your Device: Get cash for devices that may seem beyond repair.

Environmental Impact: Contribute to reducing e-waste by selling us your damaged devices and giving them a second life.

Con cada intercambio, siempre recibirá . . .


Cualquier dispositivo
Cualquier condición
Cualquier operador

Instant Offer

Have more than 10 devices to sell?

We offer competitive bulk pricing!

For bulk sales we have a specialized sales team with an efficient process for trading in your old tech in bulk. We provide competitive pricing, personalized assistance, and a dedicated team to ensure a smooth transition for your organization.

For a quick and efficient bulk trade-in, check us out below.

For any further questions you may have regarding the tech we purchase, please reach out below.

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