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Terms & Conditions

1. Electronics Purchase and Payment Process:

1.1 Device Submission: Clients are required to mail their electronics to the Clever Buyback office using the provided shipping instructions. By initiating the trade-in process, clients affirm that they are the rightful owners of the submitted devices.

1.2 Condition Verification: Upon receipt of the devices, Clever Buyback will assess their condition to ensure alignment with the client's description. Any discrepancies in condition will be communicated to the client for resolution.

1.3 Payment Processing: Clever Buyback will process payments based on the determined value of the electronics. Payments will be made using the agreed-upon method, and clients will be notified upon successful completion.

1.4 Refusal of Devices: Clever Buyback reserves the right to refuse devices that do not meet the specified criteria or that exhibit undisclosed damage upon inspection. In such cases, the client will be notified, and arrangements for device return or disposal will be discussed.

2. Trade-In Values, Device Inspection, and Payment Methods:

2.1 Value Determination: Trade-in values are assessed based on the provided information about the device's condition and specifications. Some devices value are assessed based on the condition, carrier, and storage capacity selected by the client during the initial trade-in request. Clever Buyback determines values according to the client's description.

2.2 Device Inspection: Upon receipt of the device, Clever Buyback will conduct an inspection to verify the accuracy of the device's selected categories (condition, carrier, storage capacity, etc). The final value will be based on this inspection.

2.3 Payment Methods: Clever Buyback offers multiple payment methods, including ACH bank transfer, PayPal, and Zelle. Clients are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date payment details for the selected payment method.

2.4 Payment Processing Time: Payments for accepted devices will typically be processed within 1 to 3 business days upon Clever Buyback's receipt of the devices. However, processing times may extend during periods of high demand or holidays. Clients will be notified of any delays in payment processing.

2.5 Influx of Orders and Holidays: During periods of increased order volume or holiday seasons, payment processing times may be extended. Clever Buyback will make reasonable efforts to expedite payments, and clients will be informed of any delays.

3. Device Ownership and Responsibility:

3.1 Ownership Confirmation: Clever Buyback relies on clients' assurance that they are the rightful owners of the devices submitted for trade-in. Clients affirm that the devices are not stolen, do not have any outstanding financial obligations, and have been obtained legally.

3.2 Backup and Factory Reset: Clients are responsible for backing up their devices before submission. Clever Buyback restores devices to factory settings upon receipt. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that all personal data has been backed up.

3.3 Account and Tracking Removal: Clients must remove any associated accounts, such as iCloud or Google accounts, and disable any tracking features (e.g., Find My iPhone) before sending the devices to Clever Buyback. Devices received with active accounts or tracking features may be rejected.

3.4 Stolen or Financially Encumbered Devices: Clever Buyback reserves the right to refuse devices suspected of being stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or having outstanding financial obligations. Devices found to have such issues upon inspection will not be accepted.

3.5 Dispute Resolution: In case of ownership disputes or suspected fraudulent submissions, clients are required to provide evidence or resolve issues promptly with Clever Buyback. Failure to resolve disputes may result in rejection of the trade-in and the devices will be returned.


4. Shipping and Packaging Requirements:

4.1 Shipping Costs: Clever Buyback covers all shipping costs associated with sending the electronics to our facility. Clients may be responsible for any shipping fees incurred during the returns process if a device is rejected by Clever Buyback.

4.2 Secure Packaging: Clients must securely package the electronics using adequate protective materials such as bubble wrap and appropriate padding to safeguard the devices during transit. Failure to adequately protect the devices may result in damage and may impact the trade-in value.

4.3 Shipping Responsibility: Once the devices are shipped, clients are responsible for ensuring that they reach Clever Buyback's facility safely and within the specified timeframe. Clients should retain shipping documentation and tracking information for verification purposes.

4.4 Liability for Damage During Shipping: Clever Buyback is not responsible for any damage that occurs to the devices during transit. Clients are advised to utilize adequate packaging to mitigate the risk of damage.

4.5 Damaged Shipments: Clever Buyback reserves the right to reject devices that arrive damaged due to inadequate packaging. Clients will be notified of any damage upon receipt, and resolution options will be discussed.

4.6 Return Shipping (if applicable): In certain cases where devices are rejected or returned, Clever Buyback may cover return shipping costs. The terms for return shipping will be communicated to clients as needed.

5. Device Information Verification and Re-Evaluation:

5.1 Guidelines and Descriptions: Clever Buyback evaluates devices based on the guidelines and descriptions provided to the client during the trade-in process, encompassing condition, carrier, storage, and other system details.

5.2 Information Verification: Upon receipt, Clever Buyback conducts a comprehensive inspection to verify various device specifications, including condition, carrier, storage capacity, and other system information outlined during the trade-in process.

5.3 Discrepancies in System Information: If the received device's system information (e.g., carrier, storage capacity) differs from the initial description provided during the trade-in, Clever Buyback reserves the right to re-evaluate the device's value based on the actual specifications.

5.4 Re-Evaluation Process: Should discrepancies in system information arise, Clever Buyback will re-evaluate the device's value to align with the verified specifications. An updated offer reflecting the accurate system information will be emailed to the client for approval before finalizing the trade-in.

5.5 Client Approval and Questions: Clients will have the opportunity to review the re-evaluated price based on verified system information and approve the updated value. For any inquiries regarding the re-evaluation process, clients can contact Clever Buyback's support team at

6. Device Restoration to Factory Settings:

6.1 Software Restoration Process: Upon receipt of the electronics, Clever Buyback initiates a software restoration process for applicable devices. This process involves using software tools to reset the devices to their factory settings, ensuring the erasure of personal data and the return of the device to its original state.

6.2 Device Compatibility: The software restoration to factory settings is executed based on the device type and model. Certain devices may require this procedure, while others may not necessitate a complete reset (airpods, etc.).

6.3 Data Erasure and Privacy: Clever Buyback takes precautions to erase personal data using software restoration methods to protect client privacy. Clients are strongly encouraged to back up their data before sending the devices.

6.4 Device-Specific Procedures: Clever Buyback employs software tools and device-specific methods to execute the appropriate software restoration procedure. Devices that do not require a software reset will be managed accordingly.

6.5 Device Integrity and Functionality: Clever Buyback ensures that the software restoration process, if applicable, maintains the device's integrity and functionality. Post-restoration, devices will undergo comprehensive testing to verify proper functionality.

6.6 Client Responsibility: Clients are responsible for backing up their data before sending the devices for trade-in. Clever Buyback does not assume liability for any data loss resulting from the software restoration process.

7. Limitation of Liability for Damage or Loss:

7.1 Transit Risks: Clever Buyback bears no responsibility for any damage or loss incurred during the transit of devices to our facility. Clients assume all risks associated with shipping their devices, including but not limited to damage, loss, or theft during transit.

7.2 Client Responsibility: Clients are advised to ensure proper packaging and secure shipping methods when sending devices to Clever Buyback. Clever Buyback does not accept liability for any damage or loss that occurs before the devices reach our facility.

7.3 Verification and Inspection: Clever Buyback conducts verification and inspection upon receipt of the devices. Clients will be notified of any damage or issues detected upon arrival at our facility.

7.4 Damaged Shipments: In the event of a damaged shipment upon arrival at our facility, Clever Buyback reserves the right to reject the damaged devices. Clients will be notified, and further instructions for resolution will be provided.

8. Location of Clever Buyback:

8.1 Headquarters: Clever Buyback is headquartered in Fresno, California, United States.

8.2 Jurisdiction: All trade-in transactions and interactions with Clever Buyback are governed by the laws and regulations of the State of California, United States.

8.3 Legal Venue: Any legal disputes or claims arising from trade-in transactions with Clever Buyback will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Fresno, California.

8.4 Contact Information: For inquiries or communication with Clever Buyback, please refer to our contact details provided on our website or reach out via email at

9. Notification of Changes:

9.1 Policy Updates: Clever Buyback reserves the right to update, modify, or amend these terms and conditions without prior notification to customers.

9.2 Non-Notification Policy: Clever Buyback is not obligated to notify customers individually or collectively when changes are made to the terms and conditions.

9.3 Review of Terms: Customers are encouraged to regularly review the terms and conditions provided on Clever Buyback's website to stay informed about any updates or changes.

9.4 Acknowledgment of Terms: Continued use of Clever Buyback's services following any modifications to the terms and conditions constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of the revised terms.

9.5 Effective Date of Changes: Changes to the terms and conditions become effective immediately upon their publication on Clever Buyback's website.

10. Agreement to Terms and Conditions:

10.1 Locking in Offer: By clicking "Lock in Offer," clients acknowledge and agree to adhere to Clever Buyback's Terms and Conditions outlined herein.

10.2 Confirmation of Device Status: By confirming the offer, clients assert that the item being sold has not been reported as lost or stolen. This confirmation is a requirement for initiating the trade-in process with Clever Buyback.

10.3 Compliance Acknowledgment: The act of clicking "Lock in Offer" signifies clients' understanding and compliance with Clever Buyback's Terms and Conditions. It serves as an agreement to conduct the trade-in transaction in accordance with these terms.

10.4 Legal Responsibility: Clients are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information provided and confirming that the device being sold has not been reported as lost or stolen.

For any further questions you may have please reach out below.

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