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Shipping Policy

Shipping Process

At Clever Buyback, we cover all shipping costs associated with sending electronics to our facility. Once the trade-in process is confirmed, clients receive shipping instructions, including a prepaid shipping label and detailed packaging guidelines via email.

Packaging Requirements

Clients play a crucial role in ensuring the safe transit of their electronics by securely packaging them. Adequate materials such as bubble wrap, padding, and sturdy boxes must be used to mitigate potential damage during shipment. Proper packaging is vital, as improperly packaged items that arrive damaged may impact the trade-in value as per our assessment guidelines.

Shipping Responsibility

Clients are responsible for ensuring their devices are appropriately packaged and shipped to our facility within the specified timeframe. Retaining shipping documentation and tracking information is advisable to facilitate verification of the shipment's status and delivery.

Transit Risks

It's essential to note that Clever Buyback does not assume liability for any damage, loss, or theft occurring during the transit of devices to our facility.

Inspection Upon Receipt

Upon arrival at our facility, devices undergo meticulous verification and inspection by our trained technicians. This inspection aims to assess the condition of the received devices and verify compliance with the descriptions provided during the trade-in process.

Damaged Shipments

Devices arriving damaged due to inadequate packaging or mishandling during transit may be rejected. Clients will be promptly notified in such cases, and further instructions for resolution or return will be provided.

Return Shipping

In specific scenarios involving rejected or returned devices, Clever Buyback may cover return shipping costs. Detailed instructions and terms for return shipping will be communicated to clients as necessary.


Maintaining communication is integral. Clever Buyback ensures updates or notifications regarding the receipt and status of devices are relayed to clients via the contact information provided during the initial trade-in submission.

Transit Time and Delays

Estimated transit times may vary based on the origin of the devices. Once we receive the device it typically takes 1 to 3 business for the clients to receive their payment but during peak seasons, high demand, or holidays, there might be delays due to increased shipping volumes. Any changes in processing time will be communicated to clients on a case by case basis.

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